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Gondola Rack Italian Rack Model

Gondola racks Italian model are usually double-sided with end rack with Shelves end glass support. Gondola rack can be configured in a variety of ways, with adjustable shelves to accommodate different types of merchandise. Gondola racks are particularly popular in stores and other retail environments where a large amount of merchandise needs to be displayed in a relatively small amount of space.

Rack with end mod is built to manage the space with regular floor standing racks. It is use to fit in front of Floor Standing Rack to display various products. Because of its adjustable shelving system you can adjust shelves by yourself. Superstore Rack with Gondola Rack is made to manage the center space of your superstore. It is prepared with pure steel and can be design as per order.

Gondola Rack Italian Rack Model

End mod in a gondola rack refers to the vertical end section of the rack that is used to terminate the run of the gondola shelving. End modules are typically designed to be narrower than the rest of the shelving units to provide a finished look to the end of the row and to create an attractive end display for merchandise.

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End modes are available in a variety of styles and configurations to suit different types of merchandise and retail environments. For example, some end modules may have angled shelves or display hooks to create a more eye-catching display, while others may be designed to hold signage or other promotional materials. End modules can be an important part of the design of a gondola rack, as they can help create a more cohesive and attractive display, as well as maximize the use of available floor space in a retail store.

Gondola Rack Italian Rack Advantages

Easy Install: They are easy to assemble and dissemble

Attractive Display of Choice: Display product in attractive way to make more eye catching for sales.

Versatility: You can enjoy versatility with Gondola Racks.

Flexibility: Increased Shelving with Optimum Flexibility.

Racks are often used to make efficient use of available floor space in a retail store, as they allow merchandise to be displayed vertically, leaving more room for customers to move around and browse the store. They can also help create a more organized and visually appealing display, which can help attract customers and increase sales.

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